Spectrum Center wins plaudits for remote workers

Spectrum Center sees sales soar as spectrum planners demand online access from remote locations.

For many, working from home is presenting both problems and opportunities. While technology firms have been some of the first to make the switch to remote working, by building on pre-existing infrastructure, other organizations are creaking at the seams. Corporate networks which are unused to having most of their connections via VPN, are facing unusual quirks. However, Spectrum-E, a leading browser-based spectrum management tool, is purposefully designed for online access.

Business Development Manager, Daniel Humire, says “Ease of access has always been our mantra. After nearly a decade of SaaS sales, Spectrum Center’s innovative approach to software design has paid off. Spectrum-E requires no installation and only a 1mbps or better internet connection, making it perfectly suited to remote access as well as offering an on-site local install.”

Spectrum-E© is a browser-based spectrum management solution which allows spectrum authorities to manage eLicensing, billing, frequency coordination, radio planning and interface with measurement devices and more.

Users have been singing the praises of the SaaS solution, which offers cloud-based access allowing users to free-up computer resources and utilise the multi-core processors on Spectrum Center server for vastly improved calculation times. Feedback shows remote users are turning to Spectrum-E© when unable to access their office-based software via VPN or other methods.

Spectrum-E© is a web-based application, which offers cross-platform compatibility never previously seen with a RF planning tool. Users to the subscription-based software, can access the service via the cloud or via a local-install version. The web browser-based programme provides users peace of mind in terms of security with SSL authentication.

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