The key focus of spectrum engineering is modelling – establishing the capability of specific spectrum bands without unduly affecting the users of frequency blocks of either side. Modelling establishes the parameters of what the spectrum can support and spectrum engineering defines a method or series of methods for resolving potential conflicts that may arise when a telecommunications authority implements a spectrum policy.

Spectrum engineering a collaborative approach to managing both adjacent spectrum bands and hardware companies. It is essential that radio equipment needs to be compatible with the frequencies it uses and fit for purpose. In its two decades of business, Spectrum Center has been an effective channel between network operators and hardware companies; the company has a track record in advising both sides and helping them reach mutually beneficial solutions.

The company’s expertise extends beyond this to an international remit. When radio signals from one sovereign state impact systems in other countries and vice-versa, it is essential that communication and coordination between the parties takes place; not least, with all the relevant spectrum regulators to ensure every spectrum user gets good service.

Spectrum engineering encompasses all the practical elements of making a block of frequencies do a job without affecting neighboring users. Getting that job done on time and on budget – and to the satisfaction of all affected parties – is Spectrum Center’s core competence.