Spectrum Center to provide a new Electronic Licensing System to the Spectrum Management Authority of Jamaica

Spectrum Center has been approved for a contract award to provide the Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) of Jamaica with new Electric Licensing System (ELIS). The new ELIS will be based off of Spectrum Center’s commercial off-the-shelf Spectrum-E spectrum management system. The new ELIS will replace the current spectrum management system used by the SMA. The new ELIS will provide new capabilities including an on-line citizen web portal that will allow for on-line submission of various types of licensing and certification applications handled by the SMA. The citizen web portal will include support for credit card payments to cover application fees as well as licensing/certification fees when appropriate. The new ELIS will support various departments in the SMA including the engineering, spectrum control and monitoring, licensing, accounting and more through a centralized system working off any HTML5 compliant web browser. So authorized SMA end-users will be able to easily perform their work from any modern computing device (PC workstation, Macbook, smartphone, tablet, etc.) without any installation requirements or complicated IT configurations.