Spectrum Center wins Spectrum Management tender with MOC, Israel

The Ministry of Communications (MOC), Israel, is the latest regulator to adopt a modernized spectrum management system from US-based supplier, Spectrum Center, Inc.

The new software system will enable the MOC to effectively manage their electromagnetic spectrum resources by building upon and improving existing processes and creating new workflows in order to optimize efficiency. The system incorporates Spectrum-E©, the only COTS web application dedicated for spectrum management available on the market today. This end-to-end system will be hosted on-premise and will enable MOC to plan and manage spectrum licensing as well as perform billing, technical analysis and frequency coordination tasks in line with other OECD countries. The solution also includes an API that will be leveraged to integrate in an automated manner with existing MOC and Israeli government systems.

Spectrum Center joined forces with local system integrator, GIV Solutions, who will provide project management, security analysis, system integration, quality assurance, and local help-desk support, as part of the project. The final integrated software solution will include an adapted version of Spectrum-E©’s commercial e-Licensing module for the purposes of processing license applications and issuing license approvals, automated invoice generation, as well as billing and fee management.

Spectrum Center’s business development manager, Daniel Humire, says “This implementation recognizes the demands on national spectrum regulators to keep up with the swift pace of change in the regulatory world and manage spectrum as a valuable resource in an ethical and optimal manner. Spectrum-E© has been installed with national regulators for nearly a decade and we welcome this latest implementation with MOC, which reinforces our growing dominance in this market.”

The new system for MOC will comprise of a spectrum management database with fully customizable workflow management and reporting. Spectrum-E© observes International Telecommunication Union (ITU) methodologies for technical analysis and coordination with other regulators and features three modules; e-Licensing, Technical Analysis, and Remote Monitoring. When combined, the three modules form a decision support tool which models current and future spectrum / technologies and the ability to integrate with the spectrum monitoring products offered by today’s leading spectrum monitoring equipment vendors.

Link: https://www.gov.il/he/departments/news/17112019_5


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