Turn-key Spectrum Management Software

Spectrum Center spectrum management software allows for the implementation of automated workflows that allow spectrum authorities to execute automated workflows for licensing, billing, local, national, regional and international frequency coordination, interfacing with measurement devices, equipment type approval and much more.

The latest commercial spectrum management software solution offered by Spectrum Center is known as Spectrum-E©. The Spectrum-E© platform adopts a Windows, Apache, SQL, PHP (WASP) n-tiered web application architecture. By embracing the latest web technologies and continuously evolving the SpectrumE© platform to adapt to the rapidly evolving web technology landscape, Spectrum Center has been able to bring to market a forward thinking, cutting edge commercially viable software solution for spectrum management.

Click here to download a PDF brochure that includes an overview on Spectrum Center and a summary of key features of Spectrum-E©.

diagram of roles of a spectrum management tools.

Three modules

Since its original inception in 2011, Spectrum-E© has grown to cover all the requirements of a spectrum regulatory authority in three independent modules:

E-Licensing – Allowing spectrum regulators and frequency coordinators to automate the processing of radio spectrum license requests.

Technical Analysis – Enabling access to all the COTS functionality of Spectrum-E for spectrum engineering.

Remote Monitoring – Is configured to work with external vendor’s spectrum monitoring products in a remote manner.

Each module can operate independently from each other and can be sold separately.

Each module can be delivered via a cloud subscription access or locally. In the case of remote spectrum monitoring, the customer must provide Spectrum Center with access to the servers that interconnect the spectrum monitoring devices.

high compatibility

Spectrum-E adds a new dimension to Spectrum Center’s suite of popular desktop-based applications.  As a web application, Spectrum-E offers a new level of cross platform compatibility never available to Spectrum Center customers before. The application can be accessed on a PC, tablet, and even smart phone.

Spectrum Center’s web application can be delivered as a subscription service utilizing Spectrum Center’s cloud services for computational processing, or through a local client-side implementation where the application can be integrated with other systems and legacy tools through scriptable server side and client side interfaces.


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