Spectrum-E© includes several pre-existing integrations with several popular spectrum monitoring equipment vendors including Rohde & Schwarz, TCI, Anritsu and Keysight. The Remote Monitoring Module of Spectrum-E© allows users to perform remote spectrum monitoring tasks by submitting requests to launch spectrum monitoring measurement campaigns to the spectrum monitoring system’s software interface or, in some cases, directly to the monitoring equipment itself via a socket layer connection. This module allows the user to store measurement results, once returned by the spectrum monitoring system, in the Spectrum-E© database. In addition, this module allows the user to output the measurement results into various graphs and ITU compliant reports.

Compatibility with monitoring equipment vendors

  • Rohde & Schwarz
  • TCI
  • Anritsu 
  • Keysight

The diagram below is the connection between Spectrum E© with monitoring equipment vendors.


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