who we are

Spectrum Centrer architects, develops, and commercializes software for the design, analysis, regulation, modeling, planning, and measurement of radio networks operating between the frequencies of 10 kHz and 450 GHz.

Spectrum Center has developed a range of software systems and ancillary services that cover business areas ranging from the production of cartographic information in two or three dimensions to the complete management of radio communication networks. We focus on leverage modern web technologies, as well as best practices with regards to software implementation and software delivery methodology culled from over 100 years of cumulative experience in the spectrum management industry.

Spectrum Center has also developed consultancy services to satisfy all technical needs and constraints. Spectrum Center puts its extensive know-how and expertise at the service of its customers by offering customized solutions.

Our focus is to differentiate our product and service offering so as to not only equip a customer but to provide measurable improvements in business productivity for national spectrum authorities as well as other commercial enterprise customers.

Today the company is one of the world market leaders for turnkey solutions in planning radio networks and management of frequencies.

what we do

Spectrum Center’s realm of expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Simulating the propagation of radio electric signals over diverse terrain
  • Planning microwave communication networks
  • Managing frequency spectrum
  • Analyzing radio interference
  • Digital cartography creation and modification
  • Command and control systems for radio spectrum
  • Consultancy for and development of specific software
  • Available frequency search and nomination
  • Wind turbine to RF systems interference analysis

Spectrum Center software and services cater to both the civilian and military sectors. Customers include:

  • National and sub-national radio frequency regulation administrations
  • Radio and television stations
  • Public organizations such as fire-fighting and police services
  • Companies and organizations involved in the design and deployment of point-to-point microwave radio systems
  • Mobile phone operators
  • Manufacturers and users of radar and satellite systems
  • Stationary telecommunications operators involved in the deployment of point-to-multipoint networks (Spectrum Center is the world market leader in the Wireless Local Loop sector)


Spectrum Center was started in Boston in 1999. Since then the offices have moved to McLean, Virginia, located near the nation’s capital. Initially the business was focused on spectrum management, broadcasting, and microwave radio systems. The company has since extended the range of its technological services to every sector of civilian and military radio communications. Today the company is one of the world market leaders for turnkey software and service solutions in planning radio networks, providing solutions for software development and distribution, consultancy, and cartographic services.

Spectrum Center has established offices throughout the world, namely in the United Kingdom and Brazil. Its products are also distributed worldwide by professional resellers who have been chosen for their skills and knowledge of the radio communication field. Spectrum Center is currently managed by its founders.


1451 Dolley Madison Boulevard
Suite 320, McLean, VA 22101 – USA


The Beehive, City Place
Gatwick, West Sussex, RH6 0PA, UK